Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Its coming!!!

CHRISTMAS! It is so close I can not even stand it. We have been watching all the Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music...all that good stuff. In fact yesterday me and my mom both just sat there watching Christmas movies all day. It was so much fun! Today we got up and did school. Now let me ask you something...if you could watch Christmas movies or do school what would you do? Well, if I know most of the people that post on my blog, I am guessing you said watch Christmas movies! That would be my answer too! If you did not say watch Christmas movies than you are definitly on my prayer list. Just kidding! Anyways, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


We are in Ohio! It was so fun yesterday when we got here kind of early so we got to sneak into the back of church and sort of suprise my grandparents. So today we had Buckeye Christmas. (Thanksgiving plus christmas all in one!) I got 35 dollars in gift cards to Walmart! Ever since then I have helped clean up the playroom, play with Jacob, Brock, and Nicholas. It has been a total blast! In fact I have not even been able to sit still for longer than five minutes without Brock coming up and saying help me help me David (My other cousin) is chasing me! He is so cute. I will have to get a picture of him and Jacob. They are so adorable!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Wilsons!!!

The Wilsons have been here for a couple of days but I have been to busy to post anything. So the Wilsons are here and I am having the best time! Here is a couple of thigs that we have done.
1.Had a mophia party
2.Went to the Capellos house
3.Went to the Wiliams house
4.Watched the the two best movies! (The Bourne Suprimacy and the Bourne Idenity)
5.Started watching a pretty sweet TV series! (Alias)
6.And today we are going to Mahoney indoor playpark!

We all have been having the best time! Plus if Aunt Debbie is reading this post I miss you a lot and maybe when I come out we can watch some Alias together! But it is really sad because the Wilsons are leaving on Monday. Still we are trying to work out another visit! The moms just wont agree. Oh well we still have been having a really good time!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tuesday for Maddie

Today was a lot of fun! We slept in kind of late, got up, took a shower, did devotions, ate breakfast, did a little but of school, got ready to go to AWANA, went to AWANA, came home, got ready for bed, and I am now on the computer writing on my blog! It was a lot of fun mostly because I slept in and if you know me very well you should know that I like to sleep in! Also while we were at AWANA I got to work in the Nursery. That is so much fun because today one of my really good friends Sharon got to come in and help me! (And her sister Hannah! LOL!!) We got to enjoy the valuable time playing with Jared, Cisco, and Isaiah. It was a blast! They are so stinking adorable. I am also glad I could come home and spend time listening to my brother (Michael) play guitar which I totally love doing considering I hear it as soon as he is done with school and has nothing else to do. LOL! It is still okay I love him anyway! I think that is all for now.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This is the only Ashley Tisdale song I actually like!

This is a hilariouse video! (If you like family force 5)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Sad but glad...

Hello! Yesterday was a very sad day. The Wilson’s left. I had and am still having a hard time. I guess it will not be so bad considering they will be back on October 20th or so. While they were here we had a lot of fun. Here are ten really fun things we did.

1. We went bowling
2. We stayed up late every single night
3. We watched a bunch of really cool movies
4. We went shopping
5. Going to Starbucks and Scooters
6. Just hanging out and talking
7. Jumping on the trampoline
8. Going to Michael’s party
9. Going to the water park at Mahoney
10. My personal favorite was watching the Family Force Five concert on T.V.

We also did a bunch of other things but those are my favorites. Soon I will have bunch of pics and or videos of us just goofing off and having a lot of fun!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Hey, sorry I have not updated in a while, I have been pretty busy. (I have company.) I will try to start updating a few times a day if not once day. Today we are going to the bowling alley it will be fun! Yesterday we tried to go to the zoo but they would not let us go in because we had company and are pass only has so many people on it or something like that. So maybe when they come out again in October we can go to the zoo. Amanda and Bethany are leaving on Thursday night.
Last Saturday my big bro Michael had party. It was a mystery party and it was so much fun! The whole thing was about Michael being Goldie Rushmore and he had just found a bunch of gold. Somebody stole it and we had to figure out who it was. Of course it was me – Irene Pyrite, the banker- Amanda- Kelly Stasher, the mercantile owner- ,Chris Smith-Scooter Smith, the telegraph operator- and Steven Parkin-Scoops, the newspaper reporter. Even though I did it, it was still a blast.

Friday, August 24, 2007

High School Musical 2

Oh my goodness! When I was in Ohio, my brothers and I watched High School Musical 2! I liked it better than the first one, but that is up to you to decide. There was a lot more music in it, and they did a really good job with all the dancing. I am glad that they used the of the same actors. It would not have been as good as it was if Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Talor, Kelsey, Jason, Sharpay, and Ryan were not the same people. It was a really cute movie! I watched part of it with my Aunt Debbie, which by the way, i really enjoyed! I would like you to post a comment on what you thought about it.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Worlds of fun!!!

Yesterday, I went to Worlds of Fun. It was a blast! I went on every single rollercoaster and did not freak out that much except for the Mamba. It took a little while, but we finally got Hannah to go on the Patriot...which is like the best ride I have ever been on. I can not belive i actually rode the Mamba though because you go up this ginormas hill (Exactly 205 feet, then you almost go straight down. (But it is a little bit slanted.) It was so much fun. Then the Patriot is a rollercoaster and what you do is you sit down and the shoulder thing comes down over you. Then you get buckled up, and your feet are hanging down the whole time. You go up onother big hill and shoot down it while twisting and going upside down. You just keep going up and twisting and turning and going upside down it is so much fun. I also went on the BOOMERRANG That ride is insane. What you do is you sit down and the shoulder thing comes ovr you again and you start going up this huge hill backwards! After you get to the top you shoot down and you turn upside down and do some loops. Then one of the most exiting parts is after you are done going upside down and stuff you go up another hill facing the right way. Then you start going backwards. You do all the turns and loops backwards. It is so scary. The worst part was that nobody told me that you do all the stuff backwards so I was like about to pass out. It was so much FUN!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

This is Katie

This is a picture of Katie Lynn.


Here it is right side up.

my short hair

This is a picture of my short hair. My friend Katie Lynn told me to put it on so here it is.

Katie -Lynn

Another good friend is Kaitlyn Hammack. I went to TX, and had a great time. I miss her a lot. Sometime soon we are going to get together and it will be so much fun. I can not wait to see her soon.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


This is a picture of one of my BFF's. I can not wait to see her in August. It will be so much fun! When we were little we would see each other like every day. We were and are still best friends. This is a picture of her.

Monday, July 23, 2007


This is a picture of Amanda. I was going through a bunch of pics and saw this one. I think it is a really cute picture so i am putting it on my blog. Enjoy

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More pics

Sorry about the last one. I will try it again. Whan i put the rest on ok. Ok.

More pics

Ok. I am doing this one just for fun. it is Me Michael Bethany Amanda Blake John and Marcus. All Of us were just oblivious to what was going on so we are all making weird faces.

Napoleon Dynomite

This is a picture from the movie Napoleon Dynomite. It is a really funny movie. We were watching it in CA,. Michael wanted a picture so we paused the movie and took one. (As you can tell because it says pause in the upper left coner.) Plus he always has weird zombie like look so it is ok he always looks like that. Either way it is a really funny movie.

My hair is gone!

Hey I finally got my hair cut. It is not very long any more. I like the way my mom cut it. She thinks it looks good. (So do I) All Of you who are going to be at VBS tonight, you will be able to see it. For every one else I will get pics when my brother gets back with the camera.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More vacation pics

Here are some more pics from my vacation:
Here's Amanda at Carmel:

These are two of my really good friends. They are at Carmel by the Sea in California.

Even more pics from California

Here are more...

More California Pics

Here are some more!

My trip to California

Here are some pics with my friends and family from our trip to California!

First blog, first post

This is my first time ever doing a blog. I don't know how this is going to turn out. My name is Maddie. I call myself Maddie Monk because my name is Maddie, and my favorite TV show is Monk. Monk is a murder mystery show. It is really good, funny, and sometimes sad. Still it is a really good.
I like going to church because not only is it fun it also speaks the whole truth about the Gospel. If you know where my church is, and are close enough it would be nice to see you there.
My favorite movie is The Prestige. It is about two magicians, and that is all I can say, because I don't want to give anything else away. One of my best friends, Bethany, told me about the movie and I recently watched it at her house.
That's all for now.