Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Wilsons!!!

The Wilsons have been here for a couple of days but I have been to busy to post anything. So the Wilsons are here and I am having the best time! Here is a couple of thigs that we have done.
1.Had a mophia party
2.Went to the Capellos house
3.Went to the Wiliams house
4.Watched the the two best movies! (The Bourne Suprimacy and the Bourne Idenity)
5.Started watching a pretty sweet TV series! (Alias)
6.And today we are going to Mahoney indoor playpark!

We all have been having the best time! Plus if Aunt Debbie is reading this post I miss you a lot and maybe when I come out we can watch some Alias together! But it is really sad because the Wilsons are leaving on Monday. Still we are trying to work out another visit! The moms just wont agree. Oh well we still have been having a really good time!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tuesday for Maddie

Today was a lot of fun! We slept in kind of late, got up, took a shower, did devotions, ate breakfast, did a little but of school, got ready to go to AWANA, went to AWANA, came home, got ready for bed, and I am now on the computer writing on my blog! It was a lot of fun mostly because I slept in and if you know me very well you should know that I like to sleep in! Also while we were at AWANA I got to work in the Nursery. That is so much fun because today one of my really good friends Sharon got to come in and help me! (And her sister Hannah! LOL!!) We got to enjoy the valuable time playing with Jared, Cisco, and Isaiah. It was a blast! They are so stinking adorable. I am also glad I could come home and spend time listening to my brother (Michael) play guitar which I totally love doing considering I hear it as soon as he is done with school and has nothing else to do. LOL! It is still okay I love him anyway! I think that is all for now.