Monday, February 25, 2008

The Phantom of the Opera...

Okay so you guys are probably wondering, why does she have something from the Phantom of the Opera on here? To be honest I like the movie, and regret saying I did not want to go when my mom asked me to go with her. Anyways, I hope this persades you to consider to watch the movie. It is Great!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Okay so heres what has been happening in my life...

First of all I want to apolagize to all the people that take the time to read my Blog for not posting in so long. I have been up to a lot of things. Last time I wrote I wrote about Ohio. I wish I was still there or in California to be honest. I like sledding and all, but it is a little too cold for me lately. Since my last post my family and I have had Christmas. Now I am sure all of you know already know about my Christmas bacause I have already told you, but for those who hasn't. I had a great Chriatmas. I got a nice Mp3 player, (which is broken right now)I got a really pretty coat, and a movie called Fly Wheel. The best part is being able to be with my family and all be together. Fly Wheel is an amzing movie and everyone who has not seen it I am officially commanding you to see it as soon as possible. After Christmas, our church had a New Years Eve party. What a blast! We all played Mafia and goofed off the whole night. For me it was all night and most of the next day. I had 4 cups of coffee. Talk about a caffine boost. It was really fun. In the mean time, my dad had to go out of town, my mom had to have a surgery and I might have to get braces. My mom was having a couple of issues, so of course whenever we need dad around, his work sends him out of town. So I have been doing a lot of the work around here to be a help to mom.

About the braces, we all had to get check-ups. So we went. They said I would probably need to get 2-4 teeth pulled. OUCH!!! Then if that is not bad enough, they said the teeth would still probably come in crooked, so they suggested braces. Joy, right. So that has what has been up with me. Write comments and tell me about you!