Saturday, May 3, 2008


Well where do I begin?

I would first like to say if you did not watch the Tim Hawkins comedy video below, please do. You will laugh very hard!

Every Monday in April I had a volley-ball camp! I was sore for the first couple days, but soon recovered! It was really fun! I really enjoyed the coach but will NOT be playing for that team. We are still not quite sure where I will play, but my parents are trying to put something together! I learned a lot. I can successfully can bump, serve, and set all the way over the net!!! I was very happy about the serving one though!

As most of you know, on Monday afternoons my Mom holds Movies as Literature class at our house. So as soon as my volley-ball was over, she came and picked me and my other friend Maddie, and Isabelle up and ran straight home. As soon as we got home Michael would go pick up one of the families taking the class, and drop Marcus off at their house. (for a playdate while we did MAL class) I would be making snacks and mom would be getting the movie ready to go. So as you can see we have hectic Mondays. (and I was still sore from volley-ball...Yuk!) Then we would watch a good 2 hour movie, make comments about how much better the movie would have been if it was shorter and go are own separate ways. Usually Andrew Hall would stay for a little while to hang out with Michael, which meant Marcus was still down at the Hall's house. The week after we watch the movie we go over discussion questions about the movie.

Well a couple of weeks ago, we watched E.T. My mom kept telling us how it was so popular in it's day, and all I have to say was "its day was a long time ago." Then she started telling us about how this movie was some people’s favorite movies of all time. We all looked at her bewildered thinking "Are you serious???" We now know why we had no intention of watching it before we had to.

Just recently we all watched Rear Window. Good movie! Could have been shorter, but very well thought out, and I liked it. The girl in the movie had the most amazing dresses that I have ever seen, so pretty! I would definitely recommend it to anybody that actually has good tastes in movies!

Today I went in for an allergy test. Now for those who do not know what that is, I am going to explain it to you. They first wipe you arms off and get them nice and clean, then they take a normal pen and mark your arm with numbers. While this is going on I am thinking "I will never see the light of day again!" At they write numbers they take these little needles with some allergic possibilities for my body, and then...well I think you get the picture. Then, they make you sit there itching like crazy for 15 minutes. It was more annoying than the actual needles. Finally the nurses came back in the room and measure the reactions (bumps) on my arm, whatever ones had a negative reaction, they take a bigger dose and stick those in your upper arm. Still thinking I will never see my brothers and sisters again, then finally realizing this is not so bad. After getting stuck about 60 times (and I am not exaggerating, about 60 times) they finally realized what I am allergic to! Basically anything that blooms, so flowers, trees, grass...ect. Fun right?!?! At least my family will know that the worst part is over, and I am so ready for allergy shots. (Just not any other kind of shots.)

That is pretty much all I have to say for now!


marnmic said...

Maddie, it was more like you were stuck 42 times...not quite 60. They did 30 on your arms initially, and then gave you about 12 more sticks in your upper arm. I just want to say that you were a trooper through it all and I'm very proud of you!!!
Love you!

Bethany said...

Wow, that is quite a process, not a very nice one though. Have you seen any goon movies in MAL lately? I just love Rear Window, though I would agree that they could have taken about 10 min. of panning from room to room out and about the same amount of just random shots, but you gotta love the way Hitchcock does some shots (check our Diam M for Murder, takes place in one room, but it is very cleaver so it doesn't get old, Rope is also shot in 1 room ( I think there are about 10 separate shots in the whole thing, it is suppose to look continuous), but I really didn't get that one at all, it doesn't make sense. -Miss you!